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When I launched Sarah Becker Skincare, I had a grand vision for the type of experience I wanted you to have, and over the last year, I have felt a yearning to share more : build more community, give back when I can..and to take my personal value of self-expansion and bring it to those of you who want to do the same. With that in mind I am thrilled to have launched a series of email newsletters:

  • SarahShares – a newsletter which is my way of keeping you inspired with life ideas.

  • SarahSwears – a regular eblast with my favorite picks that I swear by.

  • SarahCircles – these will be discussion groups and classes on special topics – full of lively opinions and insights. This is a way of creating community among us.  

  • SarahCares – Each quarter, I will pick an area that could benefit from our help and coordinate doing something about it. You will be welcome to engage!

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The Beauty Trifecta

Did you know that Sarah Becker Skincare shares its classic Victorian building with two other fabulous beauticians? SBSC, Carrie Maxwell of Habit and Tammy Quang of TNails have worked together to create an environment that is as harmonious as it is unexpected. Before your facial, treat yourself to an expertly performed wax, mani, pedi or all of the above.


Kristi Oshiro at Embrace Health

Skilled at treating injuries and pain management

Linda Gruber

Guided meditations along with needling make for a relaxing and nourishing experience

Tiny Needles

You can't beat $25 sessions while lying on a comfy recliner in a community-style room


Green Couch Interior Design and Staging

For all of your high-end, creative design needs—with an edge.

Karly Siroky

SBSC's web designer, brand strategist and marketing guru.


Natalie Bowen Designs

The mastermind who creates the breathtakingly beautiful arrangements at SBSC


Cane Sugar Studio

Habit's baby sister and the only sugar-exclusive studio in SF


Heather McFarlin

If you've never tried Chi Nei Tsang, do yourself a favor, a book an appointment with Heather. If you can't imagine having your belly massaged for an hour book something else with her. She's the real deal.


Dr. Laura Figoski

A thorough, holistic approach to health and healing


Melissa McArdle

The talented and super easy-to-work-with photographer behind the dreamy pictures on this site


Mama's Cookies

The best healthy cookies on the planet. Not exaggerating.

SBSC is honored to be featured in The Classic San Francisco Guide assembled by our friends at Goop and Land's End. The Guide includes "many of the standards you’ve loved over the years, plus newer arrivals that have already achieved classic status."

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